Our School



                                   Headteacher - Mrs Rachel Taylor                Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Sacha Nelson


A great start for any child 

Our vision:

For Parkwood to be known as a caring school where all children gain the confidence to become positive 'can do' quality learners for life.


Our Mission:

To give children a great start to learning by providing a school community where everyone is happy and eager to learn.


Aims of the School

As a school we aim to:

  • Provide a firm foundation for a life time of learning.
  • Provide a stable, safe, caring and stimulating environment in which learning takes place.
  • Encourage the school and local community to work and grow together.
  • Provide a broadly balanced curriculum where individual needs are met and children are encouraged to be active independent learners.
  • Enable children to develop their full potential and respect themselves and others.
  • Develop high quality teaching, based on high expectations of the whole school community.
  • Provide equal opportunities for all our children and to develop their self-esteem.
  • Celebrate the racial and cultural diversity of our members which so enrich our school.
  • Provide high levels of expectation both in ourselves and the children through promoting positive self-esteem evaluation, reslpect and tolerance.

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