Parkwood Primary School

A great start for any child




Mr R Ballantine Executive Headteacher
Mrs R Taylor  Head of School
Mrs S Nelson

Deputy Head Teacher

Miss R Wadsworth SENCO
Miss G Patrick Resource Provision Lead and SENCO
Miss A Sokolowska Nursery Teacher
Miss C Edwards Reception Teacher & EYFS Lead
Mrs C Robison Trainee Teacher in Reception
Mrs L Williamson Year 1 Teacher
Mrs J O'Driscoll Year 2 Teacher
Mr K Murphy Year 3 Teacher 
Mrs N Gregory Year 4 Teacher & Reading & Phonics Lead
Mr C Power Year 5 Teacher
Mr W Smith Year 6 Teacher & Maths Lead
Mr K Murphy KS2 Teacher
Miss R Wilthew Nursery Nurse
Mrs J Taylor Nursery Nurse
Mrs L West Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Cantley Computing Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr A Singh Learning Mentor
Mrs K Harris Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hallmark Teaching Assistant 
Mrs M Snowden Teaching Assistant
Miss B Bray Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Rallis Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Rodwell Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Begum Teaching Assistant
Miss J Szulc Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Stephens Teaching Assistant
Miss S Kunz Teaching Assistant
Miss E Sacchetto Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hewitt Teaching Assistant
Miss A Hussain Teaching Assistant
Miss S Mahmood Teaching Assistant
Miss S James Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Wadsworth School Business Manager
Miss Z Hussain Administrator
Mrs J Allsworth PA to the Headteacher / Receptionist
Mrs P Ali Parental Involvement Worker / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr B White Caretaker
Mrs M Richards Kitchen Manager/ Cleaner
Mrs D Clark
Mrs J Petrasova Cleaner
Mrs S Wiseman Cleaner
Mrs J Harris Cleaner
Mrs J Wilson Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss R Butterfield Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs G Bland-Farmery Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Rehman Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Akhtar Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Whitaker Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Bi Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Windle

Lunchtime Supervisor


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