Research says that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of five.  Strong foundations in the early years give children the best start in their lifelong learning journey.

Welcome to Reception Class!

Our teachers are:   

Miss Edwards, Mrs Williamson and Mrs Cockcroft


Information for Parents: Autumn Term


The children have all settled well. They are having great fun inside and outside making new friends and learning lots.

The Reception timetable is organised to enable the children to have long periods of time to play and explore, learning together and from each other.  Adults work with the children to develop and extend their language and thinking. Teaching is personalised to individual children’s needs.


 These are Communication and language,Personal, social and emotional, Physical.

These 3 aspects are the basis from which all learning takes place.

Here are examples of the types of things that your child will be learning in the Prime Areas:

  • How to listen to others and join in with conversations. 
  • To answer questions and follow instructions. 
  • To talk in full sentences using a wide vocabulary related to the topic.
  • Turn taking, being confident to talk to other children when playing and to try new activities.
  • Walk up and downstairs with alternate feet, run, jump, hop, climb, kick and catch a ball. 
  • Use pencils to form letters and numbers correctly. 
  • Use the toilet independently and wash their hands. 
  • Fasten their coats themselves, and undress and dress for PE.



These include the essential skills and knowledge that children need to learn.


Counting forwards and backwards is part of daily learning. There will be lots of opportunities to count objects order and to compare the size of amounts. We will be measuring ourselves and making graphs of the things we like. The children will be working out more and less of amounts.



In Reception children will take part in a weekly guided reading session. This is where 3 or 4 children each read a copy of the same book with an adult. These sessions include discussion about the stories. In addition, there will be lots of other opportunities for the children to read throughout the day.



Writing materials are available for the children to use at all times during the day, inside and outside. These opportunities help the children to have a go at writing even if it is not readable yet.

The children will be learning to write their full names with a cursive script; this is where all lower case letters start from the line and move upwards. 

Reception children have a daily phonics lesson. They will be learning actions for each of the letter sounds and beginning to blend these sounds to read words and segment to spell. 


Understanding the World

This includes all things scientific such as sorting and comparing similarities and differences. The children will be learning about our senses and names of parts of the body. We will be looking at how the children have grown from babies and talking about our families. 


Expressive Arts

We will be singing songs, dancing, acting out with masks and dressing up. They will be able to make models and do baking.

The children will be mixing their own autumn colours with paint, printing and drawing. 










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